Artificial Intelligence Development

PCS is able to help your AI development effort if you’re interested in Machine learning, Deep Learning or Data Science/Big Data solutions. We are language agnostic and will be pleased to help your organization select specific algorithms, frameworks and languages depending on the business problem you’d like to solve. We are able to advise you if your business problems should use specific types of Machine Learning models such as Supervised, Unsupervised, Semi-supervised and Reinforcement Learning. How do you select and build your model? How is a model trained? How are outliers identified? How is a model re-trained if the results are not reliable? We can help you select, build, train, test, reverse propagate and re-train your ML model. Algorithms/Models may include Naïve-Bayes, Support Vector Machine, Random Forest, Logistic Regression, K-means Clustering, Linear Regression, Multiple Linear Regression etc.

We are also able to work with Deep Learning frameworks such as Keras and Tensorflow. Deep Neural Networks generally need much larger budgets and more powerful processing platforms. Some of the problems we are currently working on using these technologies are fraud detection in the insurance industry as well as sentiment analysis. We provide AI development services in R, Python, C#.NET, JavaScript and Java.