Digital Experience

What is Digital Experience? Digital experience is business interaction between a user who may be a customer a business partner, vendor or employee and an organization that is possible only because of digital technologies.  With increasing customer expectations for personalized and omni-channel product/service delivery, investing in digital capabilities to improve communications and sharpen the end-to-end process is now a business necessity.  The strategy and development of a blueprint for Digital Experience should not be an IT department driven initiative, it should be recognized as a market driven or customer driven initiative and enterprise sponsorship of this initiative should reflect this fact. There’s a huge difference between simply using digital technology and actually leveraging it to improve customer and business partner experiences and better address their needs.

Businesses should approach Digital Experience keeping in mind that existing business processes were designed and developed using older technology and newer mobile, cloud and web based technologies may provide efficiencies in interaction that were not possible in earlier days.  So to some extent Digital Experience will include some process design or redesign. Digital processes can transcend current physical processes quite easily and what is possible may provide significant cost advantage in addition to highly satisfied customers.  In a world that is increasingly competitive, customers have many options and companies need more that attractive packaging or clever marketing copy or innovative ad campaigns to gain market share. Digital Experience can provide that key difference in attracting customers, fostering a deeper connection and retaining their loyalty to the product or brand. The issue is, as more and more customers move online, companies are not just fighting competitive products/services, they are competing with the best experience or service that their customer has ever received.