Customer Analytics

Customer analytics is key to understanding your customers, their shopping/browsing behavior, buying behavior, pricing preferences and their purchasing decisions. It can help with customer retention and customer loyalty. It may help you target your customers/prospects better and reduce sales campaign costs. It helps in tailoring the right messaging to affect buying outcomes. PCS can help you decide what type of an analytics platform you need based upon your organization’s unique business requirements. Analytics platforms should not be designed only to address a particular set of issues or problems. It is a significant investment so it should be able to serve a number of business objectives. What are the commonly used tools? Should the analytics be descriptive, prescriptive or predictive? Its architecture, tools and functionality are dependent upon your business objectives. For example, do you need to perform a customer lifetime value analysis? Or do you need to understand your sales channel better? Maybe you need a customer churn report? The design of your analytics platform should be able to answer these questions as well as the ones you haven’t asked yet.

PCS is able to help you design, build and deliver a customer analytics platform that will help you answer key questions such as what are my customer/prospect demographics? What are their product preferences? What is their price preference? What buying channel do they prefer? How can I identify a dissatisfied customer before they decide to buy from a competitor? How do I reduce customer churn? How do I understand social media impact? How do I select a customer analytics platform? How much development will be needed?

PCS is experienced in implementing customer analytics platforms from various software vendors such as SalesForce / Tableau, SAS, Oracle, Clarity, Teradata etc. PCS has also designed, built, tested and delivered custom customer analytics and messaging platforms.