Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the name implies is non-human intelligence that is machine or computer based. From a technologist’s standpoint, AI, Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning are all inter-related. Artificial Intelligence algorithms and techniques have been around for a long time however the availability of cheap and massive computing power during the past decade coupled with recent improvements in the algorithms have made AI commercially accessible to governments, companies and non-profits organizations. Machine learning with its subset Deep Learning are the current rage as businesses attempt to discover patterns and rules in their data that human beings and traditional software systems are unable to discover. Likewise, Data Science may be applied to big data to solve for a specific known business problem.

During the past thirty years, PCS worked on early intelligent systems that were precursors to AI. These required a combination of analytics, mathematical and statistical methods and business rules. PCS worked extensively on Decision Support systems and Analytical Reporting and Dashboards that used this type of early intelligence. PCS is a very early adopter of new technology and has supported many start-ups during the past thirty years. During the dotcom era we designed intelligent, rules based systems for, and These were successful start-ups that did not have any technology staff. PCS effectively was their technology arm. We developed their beta and launch versions of their software platforms. All three companies went on to raise significant funding and were very successful in their respective markets.

The recent advent of AI has also parked a new era in start-ups providing new opportunities to PCS. PCS is currently supporting start-ups in the AI space, specifically in the insurance and financial services sector. We are assisting them develop their products to ensure a successful launch. Our services in this area are further detailed on our website in the below pages.

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