Kubernetes, Docker, Webpack, Yarn, Node.js, Ansible, Chef, Salt, Terraform and the list goes on.  At various points in the past few years, PCS has been asked what is DevOps?  We hear questions such as is it a new methodology?  We were just beginning to become comfortable with Agile?  Do we now need to spend the money to re-train all our IT department resources all over again and invest in new tools?  Can we develop our applications to run in the Cloud without knowing or practicing DevOps?   What does DevOps get me?  Why should I adopt it?  How much will it cost?  Is it possible for my company to save money by adopting DevOps?  Are there companies I can hire to perform DevOps for me? And the questions go on.  As you might gather DevOps is a subject that confuses people including some in IT.

In very simple language DevOps directly improves software development as well as deployment and ongoing availability, scalability, security and interoperability of production systems.  What makes this exceptionally difficult to achieve is the vast choice of tools, methods and practices.  Many DevOps practices run against the grain of decades long industry practices such as separation of Developers and System/Network Administrator functions. Why should a company desire to develop a strong DevOps practice?  Cost for one, significant reduction in operating costs may be achieved because DevOps by its nature is very lean and combines OS, Network, Cloud and Server Infrastructure, Configuration Management, Hardware and Software Provisioning, Release Management, Monitoring, Continuous Delivery and Test Driven Development.  As you might expect its hard to find all these skills in a group leave find these in a single individual.  Now you begin to see the extent of the challenge and also the vast benefits that may accrue if you’re able to develop such strong practices.  Speed of Development, Quality and Down Time are also favorably impacted by use of good DevOps practices.  PCS is able to help its customers implement a strong DevOps organization.  Our proprietary evaluation methodology provides a current state analysis that measures each function that will be required and lays out its future state.  We define discrete and concrete activities and tasks each step of the way on this journey.  We are able to provide all the services that you might require in the interim including training.  PCS has a very cost effective and pragmatic approach to implementing DevOps.