Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?  It’s an overarching term that’s used to describe all forms of marketing and promotion that are done online.   It transforms the marketing functions of a company such as creative design, branding, media campaigns and analytics to include technology and data expertise in customer conversion.  According to the Pew Research Center fully 77% of the country’s population is online on a daily basis.  A quarter of the population is online almost constantly, 43% are online several times a day and about 8% are online at least once a day. Only 11% say they go online a fer times a week and another 11% say they do not use the web at all.  The older style offline marketing is no longer as effective and this is the reason many companies are actively using digital marketing to connect with their customers Given the huge popularity of online web access,  companies must connect with their customers online in order to market effectively.  

Digital marketing allows companies to effectively target customers and prospects.  It encompasses activities such as Web based promotions, Email campaigns and surveys, Google Adwords campaigns, Geocoding and Geofencing, SEO (search engine optimization), Facebook/Instagram ads, YouTube ads etc.    It allows for demographic, psychographic and online behavior based customer/prospect segmentation. Online influencers and Social Media pay a major role in brand loyalty recognition and product placement. Differentiating online channels using better data analysis allows companies to target potential customers very accurately.  It includes the use of proper tools and CRM systems for tracking data and generating marketing statistics in near real time.  PCS helps its customers bridge the gap between business and the online world, helping our customers market their products, services, and brand in the most effective manner.