Cloud and Infrastructure

In the days prior to the advent of the Cloud, IT Infrastructure was hosted in-house.  Every three years vendors and customers went through the obligatory RFP and proposal cycles prior to purchase of new hardware and sometimes software.  The assumption was that network and server/mainframe hardware would be maxed out during the three year horizon.  However, in spite of earlier hardware capacity planning, hardware frequently happened to max out earlier and this is where most hardware vendors made a killing, augmenting hardware sales mid lease.  With the advent of the Cloud the days of being locked into a specific hardware capacity for any length of time longer than a year is a thing of the past.

However, how does one migrate IT Infrastructure to the Cloud?  Are you planning to implement a Private Cloud, Public Cloud or Hybrid Cloud?  There are different considerations for each, so which is the right one or the right combination of Cloud?  All Clouds are not created equal.  The decision to choose a type of Cloud and evaluate available vendor offerings is dependent on the type of applications a company runs and the service levels it desires to provide its users.  The evaluation criteria and Cloud migration process are fully described in our Cloud Evaluations section that details the services we offer to comprehensively help our customers implement a Cloud Strategy and a Cloud Migration Methodology.  PCS is agnostic when it comes to Cloud vendor selection. Our non-alignment with a Cloud vendor is your guarantee that our recommendations will be genuinely merit based and unaffected by revenue streams that may be realized from one vendor or another.

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