Digital Change Management

Traditionally, Change Management has been the practice domain of management consultants with some technology consultants adopting change management where applicable to technology projects. However, the situation has changed significantly in the past two decades with technology consultants playing a much bigger role in these large scale Digital Transformations.   The Fourth Industrial Revolution is characterized by a convergence of digital, mobile, cloud, artificial intelligence, big data and analytics and social media.   Almost all companies are attempting to transform or reimagine themselves in order to meet the changing expectations in a digital world.  Companies need to shed their brick and mortar driven processes and adopt more interactive, customer focused, agile and lean processes.   The elements of a successful business transformation are fairly well known, however fully 70% of digital transformation projects fail.  Business forensics reveal that obsolete change management models and practices play a critical role in these failures.  Today’s digital age demands updated digital change management to drive successful outcomes.  So what is Digital Change Management? It encompasses the tools, techniques and processes used to manage human resources and direct them towards a successful business outcome.  

Every organization has its own implementation methodology. PCS applies Digital Change Management using our proven seven stage approach to a Digital Transformation.  Our techniques have been successfully used at a number of customer implementations.  Key to our approach is that our elements and techniques may be incorporated easily into any customer organization’s existing methodology so we do not re-invent the wheel or cause our customers to incur large expenditures. Our evaluation instead clearly shows that a part or process in an existing methodology.